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Stadt Bad Segeberg
Lübecker Straße 9
23795 Bad Segeberg
T 04551 964-0
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The Kalkberg, the caves and the bats


The landmark of Bad Segeberg is a unique natural monument: the Kalkberg. From its 91 metre-high top, it provides a magnificent view of the town and its surroundings.

Kalkberg caves
Below the Kalkberg, there are the fascinating rock formations of the Kalkberg caves. Not only their geological uniqueness, but also the variety of 7 different species of bats make them a treasure trove of nature. Here, on a guided tour you will discover the biggest natural wintering grounds in North and Central Europe for more than 15,000 bats.

NOCTALIS - adventure park for bats

At the bat centre "NOCTALIS – world of the bats" which has recently been opened you can learn everything about the life of bats. The interactive exhibition on 4 floors imparts information about "the animals of the night" in an exciting and entertaining way. Interactive learning and playing activities support learning with all senses and a lot of fun, for children and school groups also.


For opening hours and prices, please click here....

Bat trails

As the "bat capital", Bad Segeberg wants to draw attention to the endangered bats. On 8 different "bat trails" through town you can experience the little wonders of our environment. In a distracting and enjoyable way they provide many tips and food for thought for back home. Each of the 8 trails can be made within 2 hours on foot at the most and always lead to the original location of these mysterious animals. The walk on the track of the bats will become an adventure for all ages. Scenic walks in Ihlwald, along the Trave river or at the big lake Segeberg invite you to relax in an active and variable way.